The Raspberry Pi Planet Simulator technical summary

I recently lead the development of a Raspberry Pi-based cluster for performing weather simulations with the OpenIFS model, the Raspberry Pi Planet Simulator (Raspberry PiPS). I talked about this project, including the motivations, in a blog post on the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)’s forecast. Here I’ll give... Read more

Supercomputer trend data

Karl Rupp has a nice blog series chronicling the developments in microprocessors over the past 42 years. He took the data originally compiled by M. Horowitz, F. Labonte, O. Shacham, K. Olukotun, L. Hammond, and C. Batten. I wanted to compare this data with parallel developments in supercomputing. So I... Read more

Embedding FORTRAN in Python

I recently started developing a simple Python framework for playing around with neural nets and data assimilation. I wanted to see whether a neural net could be used as a surrogate for a traditional numerical model to perform the forecast step in an ensemble Kalman filter. I decided on Python... Read more